What is Applicant Tracking Software and How Does it Work?

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Staffing agency employees tend to have a lot on their hands; after all, they play an essential role in helping to connect job candidates with companies looking to fill positions. That’s why staffing agency software can play a fundamental role in reducing recruiters’ workloads, allowing them to focus more on networking and customer service. Read on to find out about ATS Software and how it works.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system, known within the industry as an ATS, is an industry-specific software application that sorts through resumes to determine which candidates will be the best fit for the position they’ve applied for. These software programs perform essentially the same function as giving a resume a quick glance-over, seeking out certain criteria that set some resumes apart from others. ATS programs work by searching resumes for certain keywords, helping recruiters determine which resumes they should be focusing on in making their suggestions.

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How is This Kind of Software Helpful?

An applicant tracking system makes it easy for recruiters to keep track of relevant information and reduces the risk of resumes being lost in the shuffle or accidentally deleted. They also perform much of the busywork that would otherwise fall to recruiters themselves, giving them more time to focus on those resumes and applicants that seem most worth their personal attention.

How Does it Work?

Depending on what type of program is being used, recruitment agency software can process resumes, search for keywords, or even actively engage with social media to recruit more prospective job applicants. The more essential keywords a resume contains, the higher it will be ranked in ATS search results. Those using the software can also command it to search for specific qualifications in resume databases, helping them to keep track of an astoundingly large number of resumes with far less hassle.

How Can Job Applicants Make Themselves More Desirable to This Software?

When recruiters use headhunter software to scan social media for prospective applicants, these programs look for specific things. Profiles that include basic information and details about work experience, education, and skills are more likely to be noticed by ATS programs, so it’s best for job candidates to engage with social media and be sure to put their best foot forward in regards to relevant skills and experience. Be sure to create a LinkedIn profile as well, as these are often actually included directly into the applications compiled by the company’s software.

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